“Which do I need, and how much does it cost to recruit someone?”

    In a way, that question is similar to asking “what does a house cost?” or
    “what does a car cost?”. The answer is dependent on a number of items, such as…

    How critical is this position?

    Do you need us to be your full-time employee until it’s filled?
    Does it need to be filled in the next 14-30 days, or do you have more time?

    What level of confidentiality is needed?

    Do you want a customized marketing or branding plan to accompany this search?

    What does this person need to accomplish?

    We will focus on finding someone who has a history of success and who is capable of accomplishing your objectives. However, if the objectives are unrealistic (we want to quadruple by next quarter), that makes for a difficult scenario.

    What are your requirements?

    Must they be working for a competitor? Do they need specific industry experience? Do they need a certain degree?
    The more restrictive the requirements, the more difficult the search.

    How rare is the talent?

    Are you looking for a person that is one of 6 in the country? Will you relocate talent to you or do we have to find them locally?
    If we can relocate someone, we are apt to locate more talent than trying to stay within a 60 mile radius.

    What salary will you consider paying?

    We routinely have identical searches that pay as much as double for the same position.
    If one company will pay a process engineer $130k plus a 20% bonus, and another company will pay $65k with no bonus,
    who do you think will be more successful?

    What benefits are you offering?

    In this day and age, insurance benefits and what the employee has to pay of that are becoming a critical part of the decision making process. Is there a 401K or PSRP program? Is there a pension? Is there a company car?

    What other services do you require?

    We offer assessments, reference checks, education verification and other services when needed.

    How many positions will you be filling now, and in the future?

    So, to answer the question of “how much does it cost?”, we really need to speak with you and determine what your needs are. Our typical search options range from 15% – 33% depending on the above factors, and we can customize each of them to fit almost any requirement.