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Reliance Hiring Blueprint

4 Steps to Success

We use a unique four-step method to exceed the expectations of our clients, each and every time.

Here’s how the process works, from your initial vacancy right on through to fulfilment of the requirement.


1. Create Search Foundation

We create a strong search foundation, based on KPIs and critical success factors. We then help create or refine your Unique Value Proposition. Our research team then combines human effort with the latest in Artificial Intelligence to identify all possible companies and employees to target for your position.


2. Engagement Campaign

Our Engagement Campaign is comprised of a dialing blitz with multiple follow-ups, multiple-touch email campaigns, text campaign, our 24/7 social media marketing, and our daily presence in the market. We introduce you to people that will never see an advertisement or job board. This is targeted at the top talent, who are not active job-seekers.


3. Assessment & Selection

We work closely with our clients, utilizing a proven assessment process that eliminates personal bias in interviews, and determines which person is best fit for your company. This includes Recruiter interviews, company interviews, scorecards, candidate auditions, and 2 types of reference checks. This process has proven to result in much more accurate hires than utilizing “gut feel”.


4. Hiring & Retaining

We have a proven offer making process that closes 85%+ of the time, proven thousands of times. We offer Pre-Boarding and On-Boarding training for our clients to keep candidates engaged from the moment they sign an offer, periodic follow-ups for up to 6 months to ensure a smooth transition, backed by the longest guarantee in the industry, up to one full year.

Phase 1 - Search Foundation (UVP)

In the first video of our 4-point series, Reliance Recruiting Founder, “The Plastics Recruiter” Ed Keil, talks you through the first phase of RR’s unique search process – building a Search Foundation.

Phase 2 - Engagement

In the second video of our series, “The Plastic Recruiter” Ed Keil elaborates on the unique and effective Engagement process used by Reliance Recruiting to get your business on top candidates’ radar.

Phase 3 - Talent Assessment

In the third video of our series on the unique process we take in sourcing talent, “Plastics Recruiter” Ed Keil discusses the importance of the Talent Assessment process, which filters out only the very best candidates for your role.

Phase 4 - Hiring Counteroffer

In the fourth and final video of our series on the way in which we source talent, “Plastics Recruiter” Ed Keil finishes off by discussing counteroffers and the importance of timing in recruiting the very best people.

Core Services


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In addition to direct-hire placements, we can help meet all of your organization’s workforce needs by providing contract staffing.

Search Plans

We offer retained, engaged, contingent, and discounted search plans, and can help you identify the right plan for your needs.

Our Process

Our process covers the entirety of the hiring procedure required to identify, attract and retain the highest calibre talent.


All searches for salaried positions come with a replacement guarantee to cover our clients in the unlikely event of a hire not working out.

Employer tools

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How To Hire Top Talent

Find out our top tips for hiring the top performers in your sector, from advertising to interview to making your final decision.

Reference Checks

Proper reference checking can be the difference between making an excellent hire or making the wrong decision. Here’s how.

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